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Meanwhile in Toronto




what the fuck are you doing to stop global warming right now

turning my ac all the way up too cool off the earth around my house

you’re just the man we’ve been looking for

How to break up with someone

  • You: Your ex is attractive.
  • Partner: Which one?
  • You: Me.
  • You: BYEEEE
The economy is broken. Note that wages for the most common occupations have fallen even as the stock market has exploded upward. All the advantages are accruing to the very top of the income scale. The people at the top aren’t working any harder or smarter than they were before. They’re just stealing more of the money, and it’s about time we took it back for the people who actually do the work in this country.
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The economy isn’t broken, it’s working exactly how it’s supposed to under capitalism

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the REAL double standard in society is that when the hulk gets mad and destroys things it’s “incredible” but when i do it i’m just an asshole

Track: This Is The Last Time
Artist: The National
Album: Trouble Will Find Me


This Is The Last Time - The National


About a year ago, I submitted a picture of our white German Shepherd, Stark, in this same position. This is our newest member of the family, Arya, an eight week old German Shepherd terror- I mean, puppy. 

If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.
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